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-The plan-

I will be traveling in my lovely little gold Prius from NY to Maryland, Chicago, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, California and BC (so far). It is going to be a road-trip I will never forget. Not only because I have been itching to get on the road and explore for as long as I can remember, but also because it will be a journey of healing. This documentary project is meant to provide various forms of information, but the mission is to heal myself of Crohn’s disease and have an inspiring, adventure filled journey along the way. I am so unbelievably excited.

I have discovered loads of information I am excited to share. I have met some amazing people via phone conversations and skype chats, and am truly looking forward to meeting everyone this summer. So far the most exciting destination is Buenos Aires, Argentina where I will be meeting with a doctor who practices FMT (fecal matter transplants).

I am in the preparation stages of all the sites/accounts associated with “The Crohn’s Moans” documentary project, so bare with me on updates. Right now my Instagram is the most active- check out it out here.