Meet The Crohn’s Moans crew


Ivana Bosek

Director, Producer, Cinematographer

I, Ivana Bosek, technically began working on this film in 2013, however, the real beginning to this documentary was in December of 2014. Much like many students nearing the end in their collegiate career, I was constantly looking for an extreme sense of fulfillment, one that would provide the reassurance that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be. A senior in college, studying an array of courses that I had mixed and matched into my own unique degree, I finally felt as if I had control over my individualized future. Eventually this degree was titled “Contemporary Marketing through Social Media” and I was able to more or less add any course of my desire to my schedule as long as I could argue that it belonged with the others.  Little did I know it was going to take much more than the perfectly and uniquely designed college degree to fulfill my eager desires to enter the “adult” world and begin the life I wanted to lead.

I spent the next 4 months reaching out to people I knew I wanted featured in the film, coming up with a budget, reaching out to anyone for help with spreading the word and so on. All of this time spent organizing and preparing was followed by the launch of the official Kickstarter campaign in April of 2015 to raise the money for the movie. The campaign ran for 30 days, and was successfully funded, May 13th, with my graduation only a few days later on the 17th. I walked the stage, packed up my college life to go home to Rochester, NY for only a few weeks before I set off across country filming “The Crohn’s Moans” documentary.

The money raised went towards equipment, production assistance, and the essentials for us to live off of. We kept costs to a bare minimum by camping and couch-surfing the entire way. Two months were spent on the road and there was not one hotel expense. However, there were some unexpected expenses and an extra month spent in Utah due to a major hiccup the very last day of filming: my car was stolen. That’s a story for a later date.

That’s the general run-down of how “The Crohn’s Moans” came to be. It was three indescribable months of traveling, education, enlightenment, life-lessons, and self discovery. I transformed as a person through the filming of this movie and although it’s an incredibly vulnerable position I’ve put myself in, I am happy to share my journey along side the valuable information the doctors, researchers, patients and all those in-between,  were kind enough to provide.

Tony Giambrone


Tony G, a longtime good friend of mine, is an NYU graduate with a degree in Film & Television Production. I asked him to join me for the beginning portion of filming, promising to cover that expensive NYC rent while he was away! Aj (his other name, and what I will continue to call him by habit) served as not only a helpful hand in production but also as one of the world’s best traveling companions. He was thrown into the world of IBD, of which he had little to no prior exposure to, and didn’t blink an eye. He helped me through my lows, celebrated the successes and is a huge reason why this project continued moving forward.

“Tony G is a nice boy from Rochester, New York who currently lives in Brooklyn, where he works as a videographer and moonlights as a musician. His life changed when he worked in a factory for a summer to save up and purchase a nice DSLR which he still uses to this day to capture images. Then his life changed again when he listened to Guided By Voices for the first time. He attended NYU. He is currently Crohn’s free.”

Jessie Duke


Jessie Duke, a new friend of mine, is a New Jersey native, pursuing a degree in film critical studies at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. I discovered Jessie through a short film she posted to Youtube made for one of her classes. Since then, she has completed a month of traveling and filming for “The Crohn’s Moans” documentary and has more than proven herself as not only a reliable cinematographer but as a passionately driven young woman.

“Jessie’s interest and passions in film, media for social change, wellness, health and medical advocacy, women’s empowerment, and human connection have brought her to a devotion to using film to connect, inspire, and empower people to pay attention to not only what’s going on in the world, but what’s going on in themselves. She hopes to use film to encourage viewers to look within, reflect on what drives them, what moves them, and what makes them feel.”

Want to help?

 Although we are the backbones to this movie, we are hoping to continue growing as a team. The journey of this film has just begun and we would love for additional help. If you feel that you can provide something to the success to this film, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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